The Who's Who

Who am I?

I'm a single woman who thought she could be a foster parent on her own. This blog is about my journey but mostly about putting to words how fostering is changing me but also about the practicalities of the foster world.

My favorite things to do are read, dabble with my photography, find adventures and hang out with family and/or friends. I'm daily being saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and I am forever thankful for all that He is bringing me to and through.

I'm passionate about helping children no matter where I find them and being a foster parent is a piece of that goal.

"Be at rest, oh my soul, for the Lord has been good to you" Psalms 116:7

Who are they?

(below is a list of the people, both foster kids and workers, in my stories)

H (13 years old) and A (10 years old {current placement}

Merryweather {my RD aka social worker. She lets me know about training opportunities, is my main contact for DFCS locally, and calls me for possible placements}

Flora {RD who did my IMPACT training, works for another county}

K {Family Menders}

Anna & Elsa {respite care, Sept. 13'}

Merida, Harris & Hamish {respite care, Nov. 13'}