Monday, November 18, 2013

Boys are wonderful... and most definitely not for me!

Me, on Saturday night

My 24 hour respite care placement was exciting. And fun. And tiring. And 1000% convinced me that I was on the mark to know that I can only do girls in my home. I simply don't have the space or the energy levels to keep up with boys. I would take girl drama over boy energy any day.

But all the kids were good kids so it was still a fun experience. I ended up dropping off the kids on Saturday night and then rushing to a last minute required CPR/First Aid class of which I was the only person there so I got an abbreviated version. Because I had done the training so many times over the years they basically asked me all the review questions, I showed them my CPR technique on the adult and baby mannequins, and then we all sat around chatting as the couple doing the training happened to be the same ones who did my home study.

 Also, my original RD worker who I did my IMPACT training with was there at the beginning and we chatted for a few minutes. This is the woman who I was DYING to have as my official RD worker but she was in a different county so couldn't take me :(  Anyway, she remembered me, we chatted for awhile, and the couple who did my home study told her that she HAD to find me kids because I was so great (!) and she said that we would read through my study and "keep her eye out" for a placement. That was encouraging since more than a few people told me that if Flora (her blog name) was on my side then I was golden.

So all in all, a good weekend of progress.

I also had my local Foster Parent Association meeting on Thursday night. It was so awesome to just hang out and talk with other FP's and get their take. I'm the newbie so everyone just laughs at my enthusiasm and naivete but not in a mean way and I totally understand their reaction. I'm just enjoying this time of being able to be optimistic about this life. I know that all too soon my optimism will be replaced with disillusion and frustration. ;)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Respite Care

I got a call asking if I would do another respite care gig this weekend for three siblings. A girl and two boys. Ages 11, 4, and 3. Gulp.

Of course I said yes. My home isn't open for boys for any long term placement but a weekend I can handle. Hopefully they like Barbies and dollhouses because that is all my house currently offers in the way of toys ;)

I'm already thinking their blog names should be from the characters of Brave. They sound like their personalities would fit from the little I got out of their social worker.

I'm starting to worry that I won't ever get an actual placement since they might want to have me just do respite care. Goodness knows there aren't enough homes that are willing (or able) to do such temporary care but I admit, I don't want to just to that. Not sure how I need to handle this. It might just be having an honest conversation with my worker or just saying "no" to the next request.

Fall Worksheets Freebie

I ran across this site when looking for Christmas cards (who else is excited that the holidays are so close?!!!)

It has a bunch of really cute (and FREE) worksheets for kids to do that are fall based.

Snapfish Fall Worksheet Freebies

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another call, more waiting

I got a call last week from Merryweather (aka my social worker) who wanted to check in with me and see how I liked my respite care placement. That was kind of a strange question but I guess being my first official placement (even if it only was for 2 days) she wanted to confirm that I still wanted to do this.

Anyway, we chatted a bit, and then she said something along the lines of "we have a child in mind for you but its too early for me to give you details yet"

This was my response:

This was how I felt inside (about the details):

So I'm still playing the waiting game. But my life is so busy currently that I'm not disappointed to not have a placement yet, its just like waiting for Christmas- its something you want and look forward to but half the fun is the preparation as well as the anticipation. I could soak in a few more weeks of solo life before my world implodes.