Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's the little things

This weekend is already wonderful. I deliberately cleared out our schedule, said no to having friends spend the night, and didn't plan any big things. We've all been running like hamsters on wheels all week so we need some relaxing, down time. Especially A as she has been hit hard with a bad cold for most of the week.

We all enjoyed waking up late and then sitting on the couch drinking coffee (me), chocolate milk (H) and orange juice (A) with each other. Spending time with my girls in those quiet, easy moments is quickly becoming one of my favorite things.

Last night I let the girls scarf down dinner and run out to the neighborhood to play. I have been so blessed to live in a subdivision that is safe (its a big circle in the country so no worries about not knowing where they are) and they both have found friends that go to their schools that live down the road. So they headed out around 5pm and came back around 8pm. Which gave me some down time to enjoy watching a tv show as I did laundry and dishes. Then I shamelessly just sat there and enjoyed a break before A came in with scraped up hands and after cleaning her up, we snuggled together with a show she picked.

For the Safety Police reading this: Yes, I knew where they were (I could look out my window and see them in the neighbors yard) and I knew who their friends were as well as laying down two ground rules: 1. No going into anyone's house that I have not personally met the parents and 2. Stay out of people's yards that you don't know. 

I'm glad that they are getting a chance of an actual childhood. Even more that they can have the freedom to go out and play all afternoon. Remember what that is like? So few kids in this generation will get those memories. I'm hopeful to find some good used bikes in the future for them.

Now today we've done laundry, cleaned the house and H volunteered to clean out the front flower bed. We've opened the windows, turned the radio on, and generally have been loving being at home. Next up is grocery shopping, bathing suit shopping (for A only, my wonderful SIL already took H shopping and found an awesome one), and a movie. 

Only foster updates are that A is now talking to her bio-dad's family every few days and this morning I sat down with the girls and got the information for every family member they could think of. It will all go in my Foster Binder- more on that in my next post.

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